Solid Waste Material Data Sheet

Plastic #2 (HDPE) Bottles 
Category: Plastic
Activity Type: Recycling
  • Mandated Recycling: If generated in Morris County, this material is required to be separated at the source by the waste generator and ultimately recycled. The material may not be mixed with garbage and additionally, materials mandated to be source separated and recycled cannot be separated from disposables by anyone or any facility but the generator at the site where the recyclables and disposables are generated.  A materials recovery facility may not perform separation of recyclables from disposables on behalf of the waste generator.
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Facilities That Manage Plastic #2 (HDPE) Bottles

Pounds Per Unit Conversions

  • Each Cubic Yard weighs 25 pounds.
  • Each Cubic Yard-Compacted weighs 269.9 pounds.
  • Each Pound weighs 1 pounds.
  • Each Ton weighs 2000 pounds.