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Memorial Day Recycling Schedule:
No Collection - Mon., 5/29/23

  • Mendham Twp.'s next collection, 6/5/23
    single-stream collection (all recyclables).
  • Wharton's make-up Fri., 6/2/23

Transfer Stations Closed
Memorial Day Mon., 5/29/23

Transfer Station Schedule
(Closed Sundays)

Facility Information

Harding Township Recycling Depot
Public Works Garage Yard
Millbrook Road
New Vernon,  NJ   07976
Tel: 973-267-2448   Fax: 973-292-9539
Town: Harding Township
  • Hours: Wed., 7:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon and specified Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon. Contact Harding Township to find out when the recycling depot is open on Saturday mornings.
  • Limitations: The facility is open to Harding Township residents and smal businesses only.
  • Facility Type: Municipal Recycling Depot


Acceptable Material - Recycling - Commingled Bottles and Cans

Acceptable Material - Recycling - Commingled Paper

Acceptable Material - Recycling

Batteries (Dry Cell) (Recycling) Rechargeable batteries only as alkalines are safe to place in the regular garbage. Make sure battery are individually wrapped or the terminals are taped to prevent electrical shorting and fires.
E-Waste - Computers, TVs, etc. (Recycling) Accepted electronics include only the following: computers, laptops, televisions, monitors, desktop printers and fax machines. All other electronic waste should be disposed of in the garbage as it is not covered by the E-waste law and program.
Tires (Recycling) Auto and Light Truck tires only

Facility Location Map

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