MCMUA CoronaVirus Update

updated Monday, April 3, 2020

The Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority continues to provide essential services during the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic. MCMUA employees are providing these services while minimizing public exposure. After providng Morris County's essential services each day, MCMUA employees have been instructed to go home and/or other employees are working from home. Phone coverage is limited, so please try contacting us by email whenever possible using our general email address. Below is a list of primary MCMUA service and their current status.

  • Water System: Normal Operations
  • MCMUA Recycling Collection - Normal Schedule
  • Recycling Processing - Republic Service Mine, Hill - Restricted Acceptance - Read Update
  • MCMUA Transfer Stations: Normal Operating Schedule
    • Paperless transactions implemented. Customer use of origin and destination (O&D) forms and signature of weigh tickets suspended. Email Anita Singewald at to set up batch emailing of your transfer station transactions.
    • All customers must provide their own hard hats and safety vests as these cannot be shared.
    • Residential use of the transfer stations should be for essential disposal only and residents should do their best to use the public disposal collection system provided.
  • MCMUA Administrative Office at County College (CCM) - Closed - Staff working from home. Transfer Station checks only accepted at transfer station scalehouses.
  • MCMUA Compost/Mulch Operations - All residential deliveries previous scheduled have been postponed. Drop-off and pick-up of material by contractors has been suspended. We do not know when deliveries will resume and we are not taking orders for future deliveries. Drop-off by Morris County municipalities only available on limited basis with pre approval. Email Anthony Marrone at with questions.
  • Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) - All previously scheduled appointments for dropping off household hazardous waste have been canceled and no new appointments are being scheduled.
  • MCMUA Public Board Meetings - The 7pm, April 7, 2020 regular MCMUA Board meeting will be held by conference call and the MCMUA offices will be closed during the meeting. Members of the public are invited to participate in the meeting by conference call. One half hour prior to the April, 7, 2020 meeting at 6:30pm, a telephone number will be posted on the MCMUA’s website ( so members of the public can call in and participate in the 7pm meeting.

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