2018 MCMUA Board Member Photo

About the MCMUA

Founded in 1958, the MCMUA has been serving Morris County, NJ for over half a century. Through the dedication of board members and employees, past and present, the MCMUA has been meeting the water and solid waste needs for Morris County.

2018 MCMUA Board Member Photo

Pictured are 2018 MCMUA Board members: (top row, left to right) Frank Druetzler, Fletcher Platt, Laura Szwak, James Barry, Vincent Shindel, (bottom row, left to right) Dr. Arthur Nusbaum, William Hudzik (Chairman), Chistopher Dour (Vice Chairman)
(missing) Dr. Dorothea Kominos

MCMUA Board Members at 50th Anniversary Celebration Pictured are MCMUA Board members; original, past and present, at the 50-year anniversary celebration of the founding of the MCMUA in 2008