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Memorial Day Recycling Schedule:
No Collection - Mon., 5/29/23

  • Mendham Twp.'s next collection, 6/5/23
    single-stream collection (all recyclables).
  • Wharton's make-up Fri., 6/2/23

Transfer Stations Closed
Memorial Day Mon., 5/29/23

Transfer Station Schedule
(Closed Sundays)

Facility Information

Chatham Twp. Recycling Depot
Tanglewood Lane
Chatham,  NJ   07928
Tel: 973-377-5114  
Town: Chatham Township
  • Hours: Open on Tuesday 8:30-11:30 am and Saturdays 8:00 am -12 noon.
  • Notes: As of August 23, 2011 the Chatham Township recycling depot is accepting traditional recyclable materials mixed all together in one can to correspond with the way recyclables are now collected curbside.
  • Limitations: This facility is open to Chatham Township residents only. Businesses are not allowed to use this facility.
  • Facility Type: Municipal Recycling Depot
  • Permit No.: 132471


Acceptable Material - Recycling - Single-Stream - All-In-One

Aluminum Containers (Recycling - Single-Stream - All-In-One) Rinse and commingle with recyclables.
Brown Paper Bags (Recycling - Single-Stream - All-In-One) Commingle with other recyclables.
Chipboard/Paperboard (Recycling - Single-Stream - All-In-One) Commingle with other recyclables. Flatten all boxes. Include beverage carrier, cereal, pasta and tissue boxes, paper towel rolls.
Corrugated Cardboard (Recycling - Single-Stream - All-In-One) Flatten and mix with other recyclables, no need to tie or bundle.
Glass Containers (Recycling - Single-Stream - All-In-One) Remove lids, rinse and commingle with recyclables. Metal lids may be placed in container separately.
Newspaper (Recycling - Single-Stream - All-In-One) Mix with other recyclables and do not tie or bundle.
Plastic #1 (PETE) Bottles (Recycling - Single-Stream - All-In-One) Empty, rinse and commingle with recyclable mix. Do not place cap back on bottle.
Plastic #2 (HDPE) Bottles (Recycling - Single-Stream - All-In-One) Empty, rinse and commingle with recyclable mix. Do not place cap back on bottle.
Steel (Tin) Containers (Recycling - Single-Stream - All-In-One) Rinse, commingle with recyclables. Aerosol cans must be empty and plastic caps removed and discarded.
Telephone Books (Recycling - Single-Stream - All-In-One) Includes soft-cover books. Commingle with other recyclables, Do not include hard-cover books.

Acceptable Material - Recycling

Latex (Water) Based Paints and Stains (Recycling) Latex onlywith securly closed lds. No more than 1/2 filled cans. Dry out all liquid paint with kitty litter or speedy dry. Carefully place into conatiner. No oil-based paints accepted.
Plastic - Large Rigid (Recycling) Place in the container designated for Large Rigid Plastics, do not mix with single-stream recyclables.

Facility Location Map

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