Recycling Programs

The MCMUA plans and implements the recycling programs of Morris County. Much of the recycling that occurs in Morris County is performed by individuals with the help of their municipality, recycling collectors and recycling markets. Additionally, the MCMUA is here to provide services and help when needed.

  • Get Past Plastic
  • Keep Morris County Litter Free
  • image information regarding rechargeable battery recycling and alkaline battery disposal
  • recycle Coach Banner
  • image Recycle Responsibly - Flower pots and flat trays go in the garbage not recycling
  • image of placing styrofoam cup in garbage as opposed to recycling bin.
  • image of Don't Bag Recycling message
  • image of Plastic Recycling 1,2,5 Clean Empty and Dry sign

Town/Material/Market Lists


Recycle Coach Logo

Recycling for the Holidays

Recycling Facility Regulation