Vegetative Waste Recycling

Compost site - Parsippany

The MCMUA owns and operates two vegetative waste recycling facilities, one in Parsippany and the other in Mount Olive for the recycling of leaves, grass, and brush. These facilities accept natural vegetative waste from contracting municipalities, contractors, and landscapers. Residents are not permitted to come into either of our sites to drop off vegetative waste. Residents needing to recycle vegetative waste are encouraged to check what services their municipality provide or utilize services from local recycling markets. Businesses must first FILL OUT AN APPLICATION FOR APPROVAL prior to using the MCMUA facilities.

Composting Process - Leaves are ground and placed with grass into windrows in the fall as they are received. During the winter and the spring, the windrows are turned frequently by a windrow-turning machine to provide oxygen to hasten decomposition. As a result, the leaves and grass quickly turn into a black compost, making them an ideal soil additive. The resulting compost is sold to residents, landscapers, and commercial companies, who mix it with other ingredients to produce topsoil. Please note, compost is not top soil and will not perform as such but compost can be used to make or improve top soil.

Mulch Process - Tree parts and brush are placed through a wood grinder twice to produce a fine wood mulch end product. The double ground wood mulch is sold to residents, landscapers, and garden centers for use as ground cover around shrubs, trees, etc.

Hours, Locations, Forms

Parsippany Facility
Located behind the Morris County
Public Safety Training Academy
500 West Hanover Avenue
Parsippany, NJ 07054
Normal Hours: M-F, 7am-noon and 1-3pm

Mount Olive Facility
Waterloo Road, Mount Olive, NJ 07828
Located at the intersection of Waterloo Valley and Waterloo Roads near the International Trade Zone, Mount Olive
Normal Hours:M-F, 7am-noon and 1-3pm

On-site personnel are not available during the lunch hour and commercial contractors are not permitted to enter facilities between noon and 1:00 p.m.

Application To Use Compost Facilities

  • Compost Facility Rules - Click here for a PDF copy of the MCMUA's rules and regulations regarding use of the vegetative waste facilities. Prior to using any of the the vegetative waste facilities, please print these rules, sign and send the MCMUA a copy of the signed document indicating that the rules have been read and understood. Additionally, please maintain a copy of these rules in all vehicles accessing the MCMUA's vegetative waste sites. Compliance with these rules is mandated and appreciated.
  • Dump/material tickets are available at each individual compost facility and all commercial entities (landscapers, contractors, etc.) must pay in full by check (no cash or credit cards accepted) at the time of drop off. Additionally, a weekly blank check may be left with the MCMUA to pay for one week's worth of dumping using the weekly blank check.
  • Commercial Businesses Wanting to Pick Up Mulch or Compost - Commercial businesses are still required to meet the MCMUA's requirements by:
    1. filling out an MCMUA application
    2. adhering to our insurance requirements, and
    3. registering with the MCMUA's contractual marketing company, Naturcycle, LLC prior to picking up material for the first time of the season. Once registered your company will be invoiced and directly by Naturcycle for the pick up of material while the MCMUA requires a check prior to the drop off of material at its facilities.

Compost, Mulch and Vegetative Waste for the Resident

Residential delivery (seasonal) of mulch and compost

image of Flyer for Compost Delivery Double-Ground Wood Mulch (for landscaping around trees and shrubs)
  • $190.00 for ten cubic yards delivered
  • $130.00 for five cubic yards delivered
Screened Compost (decomposed leaves and grass; soil amendment for lawns, vegetable gardens and flower beds)
  • $200.00 for ten cubic yards delivered
  • $135.00 for five cubic yards delivered

Q. Who may order a delivery?

A. Deliveries of double-ground wood mulch and screened compost are delivered by truck to locations with paved surfaces on which to dump the material located in Morris County. Additionally,the drop off site must ensure that no overhead obstructions are over the drop off area as the truck's back will need to be raised to off load the material.

Q. Can you guarantee a specific delivery time?

A. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee any specific delivery time. Our drivers arrange their own delivery schedules, and many variables affect the day's deliveries, including traffic, weather, and the locations of that day's deliveries. We may indicate that someone prefers an a.m. or p.m. delivery, but we cannot guarantee morning or afternoon delivery. Deliveries may be performed anytime between 6:30AM and 5:30PM.

Q. How can I order wood mulch or screened compost?

To place an order for home delivery please call either the dedicated compost delivery appointment line at (973) 285-8389 or main office line (973) 285-8383 to place your order and appointment.

Weather permitting, appointments for deliveries of both screened compost and double ground wood mulch will be taken year-round.

Q. How will I Pay?

A. Payment are made by leaving a check for the full amount in a location at the exterior of your home that is accessible to the driver. Typically the check is taped to the front door or garage where the material is dumped but the location will be discussed when you place your order. If a check for the full amount is not left on the day of delivery, the material will not be dumped.

Q. Will I be notified/reminded the day before my delivery?

A. Yes, you will be called prior to your delivery date. However, please mark your calendar and note the delivery date scheduled so you do not forget to do the following:

1) Put out a tarp, sign, or marker designating the delivery dump site.
2) Leave your check for payment at the location designated at the time the delivery appointment was scheduled.

The reasons compost or mulch are not left on scheduled days are because the driver cannot determine where to dump the load, the driver does not have proper access to a driveway or dumping location, and/or there was no check left for payment.

Q. How do I cancel my order?

Orders can be canceled up to 48 hours in advance. Please note that if you do not cancel an order and a driver shows at your residence, you will be billed for the full amount of the material ordered.

Q. Can I leave a message regarding my order after hours?

A. No. If you need to change or cancel an order, you must call the MCMUA and speak directly with a representative. We cannot accept responsibility for any messages left on the MCMUA's voice mail system. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Q. What is screened compost?

A. Screened compost consists of leaves that break down (decompose) over a period of months. After autumn leaves are deposited at our recycling facilities, they are turned weekly and are broken down by April/May into a black, crumbly soil amendment known as compost. The material is then screened in a large screener, and bulky materials including large sticks, twigs, etc., are removed and a finer, finished compost is produced.

Q. What are the benefits of compost?

A. Compost helps plants grow better, improves soil structure, helps the soil retain water, helps release plant nutrients and adds vital organic matter to the soil.

Q. What is double-ground wood mulch?

A. Double-ground wood mulch consists of tree parts, branches, brush and wood chips. Brush and tree parts are processed once and then mixed with wood chips for a second grind resulting in a more finely ground mulch.

Q. What are the benefits of wood mulch?

A. Wood mulch is used around trees, shrubs, landscape plants, and flower beds to help reduce weeds, conserve moisture and enhance the natural beauty of the landscape. Wood mulch breaks down slowly and adds organic matter to the soil. Generally, a mulch layer of two to four inches will reduce weeds, conserve moisture, and increase the attractiveness around shrubs and trees. When mulching around trees, remember to keep mulch approximately six inches from the trees trunk.

Q. Approximately how many square feet will ground-wood mulch cover at different depths?

Cubic Yard Coverage Table - General Guide
  • 1 c.y. = 324 square feet at 1" depth
  • 1 c.y. = 162 square feet at 2" depth
  • 1 c.y. = 108 square feet at 3" depth
  • 1 c.y. = 81 square feet at 4" depth
  • 1 c.y. = 64 square feet at 5" depth

Q. Where are the vegetative waste facilities for residential pickup of mulch and compost?

A. Our Parsippany facility is behind the Morris County Public Safety Training Academy at 500 West Hanover Avenue, Parsippany 07054. Click here for directions.

Our Mount Olive facility is off Waterloo Valley Road in the International Trade Zone in Mount Olive. Click here for directions.

The MCMUA makes available on a first-come / first-served basis unscreened compost and double ground wood mulch for Morris County residents free of charge from piles located at the entrance of each site. Morris County residents may take FREE of charge a maximum of 2 Cubic Yards of each product per household. Both locations are under video surveillance to minimize abuse of these piles and prevent illegal dumping. Commercial entities are not permitted to take any of the FREE material as it is exclusively put out for residentially pick up only.

This FREE pickup of material is provided by the MCMUA as a community service so please respect our facilities and others when loading your material. Please note that active screening of compost at the pickup area is not permitted. Additionally, there is no residential drop off (dumping) of materials allowed at the sites whatsoever. Those that violate this rule and illegally dump on our facilities will no longer be permitted on site for future pickup of any materials and may be subject to enforcement actions.

For residents seeking larger quantities, The MCMUA sells and delivers truckload quantities of screened compost and double ground wood mulch on year-round basis. Both products of unscreened compost and double ground wood mulch can be delivered in quantities of 5 and 10 cubic yard increments for each product and pricing for each can be found here for these large home delivery quantities.

Commercial businesses are NOT permitted to take material from the piles of wood mulch or unscreened compost at either site. Click here for information about purchasing compost and mulch in bulk by businesses.

Q. Are Morris County residents permitted to dump at these facilities?

The MCMUA vegetative waste recycling facilities are not open to the general public for the recycling of leaves, grass, brush, or wood chips. They are open only to pre-approved contractors and municipalities. Please DO NOT enter these facilities. Heavy equipment operates daily and objects that enter a grinder, screener or compost windrow turner can be ejected with tremendous force over long distances. If you have a question, comment, or concern, call 973-631-5109. PLEASE DO NOT ENTER THESE FACILITIES UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES WHATSOEVER.

Compost/Mulch Sales & Vegetative Waste Recycling for Businesses

Bulk compost and mulch sales and leaf, grass and brush recycling

Image of 2019 Veg Waste Pricing (Business)

Image of Naturcycle LogoStarting in August 2019, the MCMUA entered into a compost and mulch sales agreement with NaturCycle, LLC to market all commercial outbound material on behalf of the MCMUA to commercial customers. All pricing and sales of compost and mulch to commercial customers are to be coordinated between NaturCycle, LLC and the customers as of August 2019.

NaturCycle, PO Box 97, Plainville, NY 13137
Telphone: 315-707-8955
Email: akent @

For current pricing please click on the appropriate facility link below for more information:

Please note, this additional drop-off service by is separate from the MCMUA's general use requirements needed to access the facilities and pickup material.

Q. What are the insurance requirements to use the MCMUA compost facilities?

A. The MCMUA compost facilities have the same vehicle and worker's compensation insurance requirements as those for the MCMUA transfer stations. Click here to view these insurance requirements. Vehicles may not enter the MCMUA compost facilities without first providing proof of insurance coverage in the form of valid certificates of insurance.

Q. Is the compost tested?

Logo of STA Certified Compost A. Besides complying with required representative analysis of both facilities specific parameters required by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, the MCMUA has taken an extra effort to enroll the Parsippany-Troy Hills site , through our marketer Naturcycle, in the United States Composting Council, LLC Seal of Testing Assurance "Certified" Compost program. This independent, regular analysis is conducted at certified laboratories and provides a Technical Data Sheet with important agronomic and health and safety data. Visit the USCC STA website or contact Naturcycle, LLC to learn more.

Q. Where are the facilities located for dropping off and purchasing bulk material?

A. Our Parsippany facility is behind the Morris County Public Safety Training Academy at 500 West Hanover Avenue, Parsippany 07054. Click here for directions. Our Mount Olive facility is off Waterloo Valley Road in the International Trade Zone in Mount Olive. Click here for directions.

Leaf, Grass and Brush Recycling for Municipalities

  • Ticket books used for municipalities dropping off vegetative waste are available at either facility during operating hours. Note: all transactions require a valid drop off ticket. Questions regarding these tickets may be directed to any of the MCMUA on site employees.
  • Image of 2019 Veg Waste Pricing (Morris Co. Governments)
  • General Holiday Schedule For MCMUA
  • Vehicle Registration - All municipalities must be pre-registered with MCMUA before being allowed to drop off or pick up any material. Please complete and email the Vehicle Registration Form to the MCMUA at On this form you will be require to provide a listing of the type of vehicle(s), license plate number(s), and their cubic yard capacities.
    Click here for the Compost Facility Vehicle Use Form

Vegetative Waste Recycling for Morris County Municipalities

Drop-off of Vegetative Waste

  • $6.50/c.y. - Leaf Composting Drop-off
  • $7.50/c.y. - Leaf (Compacted) Composting Drop-off
  • $9.50/c.y. - Grass Composting Drop-off
  • $10.50/c.y. - Grass (Compacted) Composting Drop-off
  • $6.50/c.y. - Brush Recycling Drop-off
  • $7.50/c.y. - Brush (Compacted) Recycling Drop-off
  • $3.00/c.y. - Lake Weed Recycling Drop-off
  • $0.00/c.y. - Wood Chip Recycling Drop-off (No charge)

Pick-up and Purchase of Vegetative Products

  • $15.00/c.y. - Wood Mulch Pick-up
  • $8.00/c.y. - Unscreened Compost Pick-up
  • $16.00/c.y. - Screened Compost Pick-up
Image of 2019 Veg Waste Pricing (Non-Morris Co. Governments)

Vegetative Waste Recycling for Non-Morris County Municipalities

Drop-off of Vegetative Waste

  • $8.00/c.y. - Leaf Composting Drop-off
  • $9.00/c.y. - Leaf (Compacted) Composting Drop-off
  • $11.00/c.y. - Grass Composting Drop-off
  • $12.00/c.y. - Grass (Compacted) Composting Drop-off
  • $8.00/c.y. - Brush Recycling Drop-off
  • $9.00/c.y. - Brush (Compacted) Recycling Drop-off
  • $11.00/c.y. - Lake Weed Recycling Drop-off
  • $2.00/c.y. - Wood Chips

Pick-up and Purchase of Vegetative Products

  • $15.00/c.y. - Wood Mulch Pick-up
  • $8.00/c.y. - Unscreened Compost Pick-up
  • $16.00/c.y. - Screened Compost Pick-up