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Town: Boonton Town
  • Limitations: Must operate in accordance with exemption from NJDEP approval based on N.J.A.C. 7:26A-1.4(a) #3, #13, #19 and #20

    Exemption #3 is for recycling activities in which tree branches, tree limbs, tree trunks, brush and wood chips derived from tree parts are to be received, stored, processed or transferred provided that: i. Only the amount of unprocessed material which the equipment on-site or as may be readily available is capable of processing within a one-week period up to a maximum of 7,500 cy is stored on-site; ii. Storage of material on-site shall not exceed one year; iii. Storage of processed material shall not exceed 7,500 cy; and iv. Processing is limited to four times per year and each processing event shall be limited to a two-week time period.

    Exemption #13 is for recycling yard trimmings for composting i. No more than 10,000 cy/year; ii. Grass clippings shall constitute no more than 10%; iii. not on Green Acres lands; iv. not on county or municipally owned parks or other similar open public spaces; v. The facility is included by administrative action pursuant to the requirements at N.J.A.C. 7:26-6.11 in the solid waste management plan; vi. The composting area shall not exceed three acres. Windrows must have 150 feet buffer for leaves only or 500 foot buffer is grass is included; vii. graded to prevent the accumulation of surface water viii. Perimeter to be separated from any and all adjacent land uses by an visual buffer; ix. The access road shall be fenced or secured; x. Yard trimmings received during times when operator or owner is present; xi. Sign posted that identifies hours; xii. Adequate water supply and fire-fighting equipment; xiii. Operation to follow method of windrow composting set forth at (a) 13xiii(1) through (7) below: (1) Upon receipt, all yard trimmings shall be removed from bags prior to windrow formation except in paper or biodegradable bags; (2) Dry yard trimmings to be moistened to saturation without producing excess runoff; (3) Placed in windrows within the week of receipt; (4) Windrow to positioned in a manner that is perpendicular to contours of ground surface; (5) Windrows to be constructed and reconstructed after each turning to a maximum height of six feet and base not to exceed a 14 feet; (6) Separation of 16 feet to adjacent pile shall be provided; and (7) Windrows shall be turned at a minimum once per month. Windrows shall be turned twice per month when grass clippings are mixed with leaves . Grass shall be mixed at minimum ratio of five parts leaves to one part grass. xiv. Within one year must attend a composting course approved by the Department;

    Exemption #19 is for the receipt of less than 1,000 cy of leaves per day for transfer to a recycling center where the receipt and transfer activity meets the criteria below: i. The perimeter of the leaf receipt and transfer activity areas to be separated from any and all land uses by an effective visual screen buffer; ii. Leaf receipt and transfer operation areas no closer than 150 feet from the property line of any area of human use or occupancy; iii. Leaves to be be removed within 30 days of receipt; and iv. Records kept.

    Exemption #20 is for a construction company whose construction and demolition activities generates source separated concrete, asphalt, brick, and block, may receive, store, process, and transfer the material provided that: i. The company is the sole generator; ii. The unprocessed material stored in accordance with N.J.A.C. 7:26A-1.4(a)7i, ii, and iii(1) and (4) and all applicable county or municipal laws or regulations; iii. Processing to be conducted at contractor's yard in accordance with either N.J.A.C. 7:26A-1.4(a)7i or ii; iv. A schedule for completion of processing shall be provided to NJDEP along with the written notification required pursuant to N.J.A.C. 7:26A-1.4(b)5. Written notification is required each time the material is to be processed. Processing may not begin until written response from the Department has been received; v. The company shall be sole end-user of the end product and end product shall be used exclusively for future projects of the company. Sale of the processed material is prohibited; and vi. One-year storage of processed material.

  • Facility Type: Exempted Solid Waste Facility
  • Permit No.: Exempt
  • Block and Lot: Block 69; Lot 75.01


Acceptable Material - Recycling

Class B Recyclable (Recycling) Must be source separated from garbage and Bednar must be the sole generator of this material.

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