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Transfer Station Info (Tip Fee $111.25/ton)

  • Mt. Olive Mon-Fri 7:30am-3pm; Sat 7:30am-11am
  • Parsippany Mon-Fri 7am-3pm; Sat 7:30am-11am
  • Closed Sundays and Major Holidays
  • No Rental Trucks
  • Payment by Account, Check, Credit Card. No Cash
Image of tonnage recycling reports

2014 Recycling Tonnage Reports

Provided below are 2014 recycling tonnage reports provided by individual recycling markets as well as the MCMUA. These reports are useful for municipal recycling coordinators while completing their annual recycling tonnage reporting forms.

If you have question on this material please contact Liz Sweedy at (973) 285-8393 or by email at In addition, feel free to call any of the businesses directly. The telephone numbers for the businesses are listed on their cover letters.

2014 Recycling Tax ($3/ton) Paid By Towns in Tipping Fees (PDF File) - This report lists the $3/ton recycling tax collected by the MCMUA in 2014 on the solid waste accepted for disposal at the MCMUA transfer stations. This money was then sent to the Treasurer of the State of New Jersey in accordance with the Recycling Enhancement Act. The report only provides information for those towns that pay the tip fee directly to the MCMUA using their municipal accounts. If a hauler is paying the disposal tip fees directly, then you will have to get this recycling tax collected from each respective hauler. You can use this report to fill out the certification in the municipal recycling tonnage grant process that requires each town to certify the amount of money paid as part of the $3/tax.

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Notes:It is suggested that you look through each report in its entirety to make sure that you have all of the tonnage generated in your municipality.  Be sure to check under all possible names and be aware that some reports from some markets may be sorted by common location names (i.e. Flanders, Whippany, Stirling, etc.) and/or zip codes and not the official names of the municipality (i.e. Mount Olive, Hanover, Long Hill).

Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority ("MCMUA") Recycling Facilities and Operations

  1. (added 2/27/2015) MCMUA 2014 Recycling Report for MCMUA Recycling Collection

    Print out the pages that are applicable to your municipality. Listed on each page of each MCMUA tonnage grant report are the abbreviations and the entire name or description of each material reported on. Also provided are the compositions by material percentage for all the commingled recyclables.

  2. (added 2/27/2015) MCMUA 2014 Tire Recycling by Town - (PDF File) - This report shows tires that were collected by the Morris County Mosquito Extermination Commission (these tires had been illegally dumped in a variety of municipalities) and/or accepted from individuals at the MCMUA's Parsippany transfer station.  All tires accepted at the transfer stations were shipped to and recycled at Casings, Inc., Hillsboro, NJ.
  3. (added 1/21/2015) MCMUA 2014 Recycling by the Vegetative Waste Recycling/Compost Facilities - (PDF File) - This report shows the vegetative waste recycled at the MCMUA's two vegetative waste recycling/compost facilities located in Mount Olive and Parsippany-Troy Hills Townships.  Lake weed listed in the report can be reported as grass for recycling tonnage grant purposes.
  4. (added 2/17/2015) MCMUA 2014 Recycling by the Household Hazardous Waste Programs - (PDF File) - This report shows the materials recycled as part of the MCMUA's household hazardous waste program both from the permanent facility as well as the individual disposal days.  This does not include bulbs and batteries accepted as universal wastes at the MCMUA's Recycling Consolidations Center.  Those figures are included in the first report for the MCMUA's Recycling Program.
  5. (updated 3/24/2015) MCMUA 2014 E-Waste Recycling By Town - The MCMUA has an E-waste recycling contract with MRM which used Vintage Tech Recycling in 2014 to provide E-waste recycling for the MCMUA and participating municipalities. This report provides the 2014 tonnage recycled of E-waste through this contract with MRM of the material collected at individual municipal sites as well as E-waste recycled that was collected by the MCMUA through its household hazardous waste program, both the permanent facility and its disposal days.
  6. (updated 1/21/2015) MCMUA 2014 Scrap Metal Recycling By Town - In previous years the MCMUA recovered and recycled small amounts of metal from solid waste dumped at the Mount Olive transfer station for disposal. In 2014 there was no metal recovery tonnage from the Mount Olive transfer station and there is no tonnage report to provide for this activity for 2014.

Reports Provided Only to MCMUA from Non-MCMUA Recycling Facilities

The tonnage reports below are provided by markets directly to the MCMUA. Municipalities are unlikely to have been sent these reports directly from the market and should include the tonnages from these recycling market reports in their own municipal reports.

Reports From Large Box Stores Reported to the NJDEP

We are posting the 2014 tonnage reports from Dollar General Corporation, Home Depot, Target and WalMart/Sam’s Club stores. The reports have been sent by these 4 big box stores directly to Joe Davis, NJDEP. Note that most of the materials listed are being back-hauled to a company distribution center. It is recommended that you contact your municipal store directly to obtain information on the recycling of material that was not back-hauled.

The MCMUA has contacted Joe Davis to correct the municipality of the Dollar General store (it should by Rockaway Borough); and to correct the municipality/county of the Target store (it should be Washington Township/Morris County).

Reports Previously Provided to Towns from Non-MCMUA Recycling Facilities

The tonnage reports below are provided by markets directly to municipalities, though the MCMUA has obtained a county-wide version of these reports. Municipalities are likely to have been sent these reports directly from the market and may have already included the tonnages from these recycling market reports in their own municipal reports. If this is the case, the reports are duplicates of the information towns already have.

  • (hopefully coming soon) Active Recycling 2014 Tonnage Report (PDF File)
  • (added 2/26/2015) American Recycling Technologies 2014 Tonnage Report (PDF File)
  • (hopefully coming soon) Cipollini Carting & Recycling, Inc. of Rockaway, NJ - Cippollini provided a recycling tonnage report to the MCMUA for each postal location within Morris County by generator in addition to mailing the report to to each municipality. Cipollini requested this report not be published and is for the use of municipal recycling coordinators only. Please contact Cippollini at 973-538-2003 to request your municipal report if you need one.
  • (hopefully coming soon) Clayton Block, Edison, NJ, 2014 Recycling Tonnage Report (PDF File)
  • (hopefully coming soon) Clayton Block, Wall, NJ, Recycling 2014 Tonnage Report (PDF File)
  • (added 2/17/2015) Clean Earth of Carteret, 2014 Recycling Tonnage Report (PDF File)
  • (hopefully coming soon) Gold Star Recycling, Inc. of Morganville, NJ 2014 Recycling Tonnage Report (PDF File) - Note that Gold Star Recycling has its tonnage report prepared and mailed out by Compliance Plus Services, Harboro, PA
  • (hopefully coming soon) Grasselli Point Industries Recycling 2014 Tonnage Report - Grasselli indicated that Superstorm Sandy destroyed its computers and data and as such, they were not be able to provide a 2012 tonnage report. They requested people contact their office at 908-862-1051 with questions regarding this matter.
  • (hopefully coming soon) Importico Transfer, 2014 Recycling Tonnage Report (PDF File)
  • (hopefully coming soon) JFD Associates, Farmingdale, NJ, 2014 Recycling Tonnage Report - Please note this facility provided a 2012 tonnage report to the MCMUA indicating no recycling activity from Morris County for 2012 and they did not provide a report for 2013.
  • (hopefully coming soon) J Manzo Recycling, Matawan, NJ, 2014 Recycling Tonnage Report (PDF File)
  • (hopefully coming soon) Lorco Petroleum, Elizabeth, NJ, 2014 Recycling Tonnage Report (PDF File) - Please note that this 2014 report posted here only provides a Morris County total without an allocation by municipality. If you didn't receive a municipal report from Lorco, please contact Marta Baronjan at 908-820-8800 to find out about your municipal tonnage report.
  • (hopefully coming soon) Raritan Valley Recycling (Republic), Clinton, NJ, 2014 Recycling Tonnage Report (PDF File)
  • (added 3/30/2015) Tilcon Facilities 2014 Recycling Tonnage Report (PDF File) - Tonnage reports for several Tilcon's facilities including Oxford, Mt. Hope, Pompton Lakes and Kearny sites.
  • (hopefully coming soon) Verizon, (various Morris County sites), 2014 Recycling Tonnage Reports (PDF File)