Recycling Collection Services

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The MCMUA provides curbside recycling to many Morris County municipalities through shared services inter-local governmental agreements. Additionally, the MCMUA also provides roll-off and dumpster recycling services for other public sector entities; e.g., schools, housing authorities through the same types of agreements. Finally, the MCMUA can also provide recycling services for certain businesses located in our service areas.

Curbside Recycling Calendar

On Focus on Morris County, Penny Jones, MCMUA recycling education specialist, discusses 2012 recycling changes.

Image of Guide to Single-Stream Recycling

Download the Recycle Responsibly Flyer


Avoid turning recyclables into litter on a windy day

  • Use a lid to prevent the wind from blowing material out.
  • If your material does not fit into one container, use more than one so that loose material is not sticking out.
  • Flatten corrugated cardboard boxes and stack them into one unflattened box. Do not leave loose boxes on the ground.

Use properly sized containers

  • The weight limit for a single container is 50 pounds when full.
  • It is recommended that containers be no larger than 32 gallons each to avoid exceeding the weight limit.
  • Containers must have handles.
  • Retail stores now sell recycling carts with wheels that are too big. They will exceed the 50 pound weight limit when full. Do NOT use these large 64 and 95 gallon carts.

Only recycle what is acceptable

  • Be careful to follow the recycling guidelines as advertised by your town and on the MCMUA’s website. There are specific guidelines regarding the materials that are and are not acceptable.
  • Your cooperation with these guidelines is greatly appreciated. If you have questions please call your town’s recycling coordinator or the MCMUA at 973-285-8394.