Facility Information

Rockaway Twp. McVeigh Recycling Center
65 Mount Hope Road
Rockaway,  NJ   07866
Tel: 973-983-2842  
Town: Rockaway Township
  • Hours: Mon. - Fri., 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. and Sat., 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Closed on municipal holidays.
  • Notes: Located adjacent to the municipal building.
  • Limitations: This facility is open to Rockaway Township residents and small businesses only. Plastic bags and grass are not accepted at either Rockaway Township recycling center.
  • Facility Type: Municipal Recycling Depot


Acceptable Material - Recycling - Single-Stream - All-In-One

Aluminum Containers (Recycling - Single-Stream - All-In-One) Rinse and commingle with recyclables.
Brown Paper Bags (Recycling - Single-Stream - All-In-One) Fold and stack in one brown grocery bag and place in corrugated container.
Chipboard/Paperboard (Recycling - Single-Stream - All-In-One) Commingle with other recyclables. Flatten all boxes. Include beverage carrier, cereal, pasta and tissue boxes, paper towel rolls.
Glass Containers (Recycling - Single-Stream - All-In-One) Remove lids, rinse and commingle with recyclables. Metal lids may be placed in container separately.
Newspaper (Recycling - Single-Stream - All-In-One) Mix with other recyclables and do not tie or bundle.
Plastic #1 (PETE) Bottles (Recycling - Single-Stream - All-In-One) Empty, rinse and commingle with recyclable mix. Do not place cap back on bottle.
Plastic #2 (HDPE) Bottles (Recycling - Single-Stream - All-In-One) Empty, rinse and commingle with recyclable mix. Do not place cap back on bottle.
Shredded Paper (Recycling - Single-Stream - All-In-One) If recycling shredded paper with in the "all-in-one" single-stream recycling collection program, the shredded paper must be put into a translucent or clear plastic bag and the bag must be tied closed.
Steel (Tin) Containers (Recycling - Single-Stream - All-In-One) Rinse, commingle with recyclables. Aerosol cans must be empty and plastic caps removed and discarded.
Telephone Books (Recycling - Single-Stream - All-In-One) Includes soft-cover books. Commingle with other recyclables, Do not include hard-cover books.

Acceptable Material - Recycling

Batteries (Dry Cell) (Recycling) Rechargeable batteries only as alkalines are safe to place in the regular garbage. For rechargeable battery recycling make sure battery are individually wrapped or the terminals are taped to prevent electrical shorting and fires prior to depositing into recycling box. Accepted on Saturdays only.
Brush/Tree Parts (Recycling) No branches over 6" in diameter accepted. Brush does not have to be tied or bundled. Accepted only at Rockaway Township's McVeigh recycling center.
E-Waste - Computers, TVs, etc. (Recycling) Accepted electronics include only the following: computers, laptops, televisions, monitors, desktop printers and fax machines. All other electronic waste should be disposed of in the garbage as it is not covered by the E-waste law and program.
Leaves (Recycling) Must empty all bags and take the bags home with you. Accepted only at Rockaway Township's McVeigh recycling center.
Plastic - Large Rigid (Recycling) Place in designated container. This includes outdoor furniture, plastic furniture, children's backyard toys. Please, no electronic toys and no PVC plastics. Do not mix with single-stream recyclables.
Tires (Recycling) Accepted at McVeigh depot only without a permit, just place intotire container. No rims and no truck tires.

Facility Location Map

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