Facility Information

Dover Recycling Depot
211 North Sussex Street
Dover,  NJ   07801
Tel: (973) 366-2200 Ext. 120  
Town: Dover (Town of)
  • Hours: Monday-Saturday 8:00a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
  • Limitations: The facility is open to Dover residents and small businesses only. Construction material remains the responsibility of the homeowner.
  • Facility Type: Municipal Recycling Depot


Acceptable Material - Recycling

Batteries (Dry Cell) (Recycling) Rechargeable batteries only as alkalines are safe to place in the regular garbage. Make sure battery are individually wrapped or the terminals are taped to prevent electrical shorting and fires.
Chipboard/Paperboard (Recycling) Cereal and pasta boxes, gift boxes, notebook backs, egg cartons, paper towel cores,. No metalic coating of any kind. No beer or soda cartons, No frozen food packaging,no gable-top milk/juice cartons, no juice boxes.
E-Waste - Computers, TVs, etc. (Recycling)

A drop-off receptacle for the disposal of home electronics is now available at the Recycling Center. Accepted electronics include the following: televisions, computers, monitors, laptops, computer peripherals such as keyboards and mice, fax machines, VCRs and radios. Absolutely no curbside collection.

Glass Containers (Recycling) Remove lids and rinse, no need to remove label. No drinking glasses, no mirror glass, no window glass, no pyrex, no bulbs.

Facility Location Map

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