Facility Information

Lincoln Park Recycling Depot
370 Main Street (George Cobb Lane)
Lincoln Park,  NJ   07035
Tel: 973-694-6100 x2058  
Town: Lincoln Park Borough
  • Hours: Mon-Fri: 7:00 am - 3:15 pm Saturday: 8:00am - 4:15 pm
  • Notes: The Borough of Lincoln Park's Recycling Center is located on George Cobb Lane behind Misty Meadow Mums, at the DPW Garage. George Cobb Lane is an extension of Main Street, which is located between the Train Station and Cost Cutter's Parking Lots.
  • Limitations: *** The Lincoln Park municipal recycling depot is for Lincoln Park residents only.*** The recyclable materials accepted must be separated from other solid waste and must conform to the regulations provided for each material. The are certain items that can not be taken to Lincoln Park's Recycling Center such as oil based paint, herbicides, transmission, brake and steering fluid, anti-freeze, pool chemicals, darkroom chemicals and small amounts of asbestos. These items can be disposed of through the Morris County Municipal Authorities Household Hazardous Waste Program
  • Facility Type: Municipal Recycling Depot


Acceptable Material - Recycling

Aluminum Containers (Recycling) Beverage, pet food, etc. are recyclable. They must be rinsed clean and may all be combined in the aluminum bin at the Center. FLATTEN CANS TO HELP SAVE SPACE. NO ALUMINUM PIE PLATES. RINSED CANS HELP MINIMIZE THE BEE PROBLEM IN THE SUMMER.
Batteries (Dry Cell) (Recycling) Rechargeable batteries only as alkalines are safe to place in the regular garbage. Make sure battery are individually wrapped or the terminals are taped to prevent electrical shorting and fires.
Chipboard/Paperboard (Recycling) Cardboard, Brown Bags, Cereal Boxes, Shirt Boxes, Paper Towel Tubes, Backs of Pads, etc.: these items must be flattened and either tied into bundles or fit into other boxes or brown bags and deposited in the roll-off container marked cardboard.
Glass Containers (Recycling) Glass Bottles & Jars: MUST BE RINSED CLEAN AND SEPARATED BY COLOR (clear, brown, green). Each color must be put into its own bin at the Center. PLEASE REMOVE LIDS. NO DISHES, LIGHT BULBLS, CERAMICS, CRYSTAL, ETC.
Metal Appliances (Recycling) Appliances (washers, dryers, hot water heaters, stoves & refrigerators) will also be accepted at the Center Monday through Saturday. NO PROPANE TANKS.
Motor Oil (Used) (Recycling) Must be in a clean container (plastic or metal) with a tight fitting lid. Not permitted to bring more than 5 gallons at any one time. By NJDEP regulations, must be deposited into the approved shed in the Recycling Center.
Newspaper (Recycling) if it comes in a newspaper it can go out with newspapers. Newspapers can either be tied into bundles or deposited loosely. Papers being put out for the monthly collection must be tied or placed in reusable containers. NO BROWN OR PLASTIC BAGS.
Other Paper/Mag./JunkMail (Recycling) All magazines, junk mail, office paper, envelopes, phone books & paperback books, etc.: all of these items can be combined and deposited in the small dumpster at the Center. NO BROWN BAGS.
Plastic #1 (PETE) Bottles (Recycling) They must be rinsed clean, metal caps removed and then deposited in the plastic container at the Recycling Center.
Plastic #2 (HDPE) Bottles (Recycling) They must be rinsed clean, metal caps removed and then deposited in the plastic container at the Recycling Center.
Scrap Metal (Recycling) Examples include but are not limited to: pipe, metal railings, screens, gym sets, bicycles, file cabinets, tire rims, brass, aluminum doors and siding.
Steel (Tin) Containers (Recycling) this includes vegetable & soup cans, empty paint cans and bi-metal beverage cans (TEST- IF A MAGNET STICKS TO IT, IT BELONGS HERE). Cans must be empty, rinsed clean and deposited in the bi-metal bin at the Recycling Center. FLATTEN CANS TO SAVE SPACE.
Tires (Recycling) auto tires, motorcycle tires, light duty truck tires and bicycle tires. They must be removed from the rim and deposited in the trailer provided at the Recycling Center. NO TRUCK TIRES (OVER 16.5" RIM) OR EQUIPMENT TIRES WILL BE ACCEPTED.

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