Facility Information

Foam Pack Industries
72 Fadem Road
Springfield,  NJ   07081
Tel: (973) 376-3700   Fax: (973) 467-9850
Town: Out-of-County
  • Hours: Drop-off between 8am to 4pm - Monday to Friday.
  • Notes: Company accepts styrofoam blocks and packing peanuts (also known as expanded polystyrene).
  • Limitations: Material must be clean . No tape, no dirt, no food, no food serving items (i.e. no utensils or plates or cups).
  • Facility Type: Class "A" Recycling Facility (Traditional)


Acceptable Material - Recycling

Plastic #6 (PS) Styrofoam/Polystyrene (Recycling)

See FoamPack Ind. link regarding strofoam recycling: Click here for Styrofoam Recycling Link.

Offering commercial and residential foam recycling, we currently accept clean, white EPS, otherwise known as Styrofoam, and sell 99.9 percent clean, densified EPS.

Recycling EPS

We currently accept White CLEAN EPS (Expanded Polystyrene), most commonly known as Styrofoam™ from Commercial and Residential resources.


  • Identify the foam by the recycle symbol #6
  • Remove any foreign matter such as tape, stickers, labels and cardboard.
  • All block form EPS is acceptable.
  • General rule of thumb ; Usually furniture, appliances and electrical fixtures are packed in EPS
  • We do accept food service products such as cups, meat trays and food shipping coolers. All foam that has come in direct contact with food and/or drink must be washed thoroughly before it is received at our facility.
  • All foam can be dropped off at our location. It also can be shipped via mail or by a major delivery service.

Facility Location Map